Aini AB

Bold Mixed Media on Canvas 122cm x 91cm 2015

Mixed Media on Canvas
122cm x 91cm


Participating Artists

This year, Arts Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne: Discover Malaysia Art is back with more refined and fascinating artworks by some of Malaysia’s renowned pioneer artists as well as contemporary and young emerging artists.

ArtsKL-Melbourne AD

Below is the list of participating artists

  1. Aini AB
  2. Anuar Lim
  3. Choon Ghee Tan
  4. Cinta Ayuandrea
  5. Delwin Cheah
  6. Eric Quah
  7. Faiz Yunus
  8. Huang Yao
  9. Ju Ping Kuo
  10. Khairil Anwar Mohd Azhari
  11. Layzhoz Yeap
  12. Nazmi Ismail
  13. Norlisham Bin Selamat
  14. Nurzirah Binti Ayup
  15. Sui Hoe Khoo
  16. Tune Zikri

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and visit us at for more details.

Arts KL-Melbourne: Discover Malaysia Art is returning in October 2015!

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The highly anticipated Arts Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne will be held at SpACE@Collins, Level 1, 278 Collins Street from 5th to 17th October 2015.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover works of 16 Malaysian artists ranging from the pioneers to the emerging potentials in fine art and photography. Be intrigued by the beauty and colour of works that are greatly influenced by the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Malaysia.  

Find out more about us at our pages below:

Facebook: Arts Kuala Lumpur

Twitter: Discover MalaysiaArt



Arts Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne 2014 | Discover Malaysia Art

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the unique styles, themes and techniques employed by Malaysian artists since the country’s independence. Influenced by a rich and diverse cultural heritage, 14 artists and photographer from pioneers to emerging talents will display a collection of their most inspiring works. Exhibition starts from tomorrow to the 12th October 2014.

For more info about the art show, please log in to: